VPS Enterprise Hosting Plan

Our VPS Enterprise hosting package comes equipped with handling stress loads for a larger business to suit your needs. High functioning and speed remain the core service as the Enterprise package comes inclusive of everything in our Business package.

This means faster loading times with our super-fast SSD powered server and a RAM size capability of your choice. Need extra RAM to handle more and relieve stress loads? Just let us know, as we give you the speed and reliability your website needs without putting a compromise on overall functionality.

Get improved website metrics with the Google Analytics Setup included and see where and how many visitors access your website. Select any premium DIY WP theme from one of our 50 pre-built websites and free professional consultation for our basic setup and plugin installation offering for WordPress which also comes with our excellent premium plugin packages to keep your website lively and responsive with good SEO optimization, making it easy to use and accessible to visitors, constantly updated monthly and well maintained with our monthly maintenance of your WordPress website and plugins.

No need to go through the trouble of fixing performance issues since we have included our state of the art monthly Website Performance Optimization to keep your website running smooth and without bugs. Image and Video are important visual elements in engaging visitors and a must need on a website as they offer high advantages for a website and we understand this, so we offer full image and Video support with an impressive gallery and slider feature to fully engage the visitors to your website.

 Your website will be immersive with no breaks and tear in the superb quality of your Images and Videos.

 Professional unlimited email accounts linked to your website will be provided and you can easily build your contact list and stay in touch with your visitors, increasing your chance of future sales or updates and the generation of leads for your business, just made with our simple contact form included in the package.

We think not of only convenience, comfortability and peace of mind for both your website and your visitors but a safety structure too. As security is a critical part of any platform, one which we do not take lightly, we offer monthly Security Enhancements for your WordPress website.

Well protected, do not lose sleep over sensitive files and data to malicious activity and hacks with the extra layer of security an SSL certificate provides, keeping your information safe and secured because what is important to you is also very much as important to us.

We know how not so simple it is to operate a website with all the business agendas and priorities, so relax, as our team of highly trained professional engineers takes care of your control panel and FTP, allowing you more precious time to focus on your business than the boring and dull stuff behind the website.

 Not to worry, we love the boring dull stuff. A dedicated 24/7 customer support team is readily available to assist and guide you in any issue, with true satisfaction guaranteed if you ever have any technical issues.

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All Starter Plans Bundle Included
Premium DIY WP Theme Included. You can select one from our 50 prebuilt websites. See Demos to learn more.
We offer basic setup and plugin installation for WordPress with free professional consultation.
Monthly Security Enhancements for your WordPress website.
Monthly Website Performance Optimization.
Monthly Maintenance included to keep your WordPress website and plugins updated.
Google Analytics Setup Included, so you can see how many and where are your visitors located when they visit your website!
Do you need more RAM? Please contact us to order it.

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