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Are you a proficient marketer with experience in affiliate marketing?  Maybe you don’t have that much experience but you are motivated to help people and make extra income while doing that.Well, how would you like to become an affiliate and join our network? Partner with us, bring our services to people worldwide and get compensated accordingly. We have made marketing simple and easy for you by providing you with all the right marketing tools:

  • We have provided premade affiliate links and an easy to use link generator to customize your own affiliate links.

  • Already made affiliate banners to use for your social media campaigns or your web posts. These banners come with specific target URLs and source codes you can add to your website and the source codes are provided for you to use in your web posts.

  • We have designed a complete referral system that will handsomely reward your marketing efforts.

We are looking for are people who want to enjoy the many benefits of our services and save a lot of money. Every single client that hosts their website with us will get:

  • Premium theme with live drag and drop page builder

  • More than 50 prebuilt website templates to choose from and

  • Premium plugins from codecanyons

They will get all these benefits, valued at more than 50k pesos……for FREE.

We also offer free IT support for:

  • Basic setup
  • Plugin installations
  • General consultation

That is a lot of money saved for your clients on web design and WordPress costs. Do well to present these incredible benefits to your potential customers so they know what we do and what they stand to gain if they work with us.

Every single thing you need to work as an affiliate is inside there:

  • A comprehensive ranking system to track your progress along the way. Start as a Noob Affiliate agent and climb up to the top with all of our support.
  • Get paid directly through Paypal.
  • Track your progress with focused analytics showing the number of visitors, your conversion rate and overall success rate. This way you can test and measure your marketing practices and optimize them for better results. You also get to see your campaign efforts in terms of how many unique visitors, referrals and the total number of visits.

  • Simple interface. Easy to navigate. With custom profile picture and banner photo.

We are highly invested in your success as an affiliate and that’s why we have made sure to build a system of support that encourages creative marketing solutions. We look forward to working with you to build a solid organization and bringing our wonderful hosting services to people all over the world.

Because if you succeed, we succeed.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Good Luck!!!

Reminder: Our target market are the people that want to save money and still gets a lot of benefits. When the clients host with us, they will get a premium theme with a live drag and drop page builder and have access to our 50 prebuilt websites and premium plugins from codecanyons, all of these worth 10k pesos for free and a FREE IT SUPPORT for basic setup, plugin installations, and consultations. If ever their project turns out to be too much complicated, they will still enjoy these benefits and still save a lot of money. All they will going to pay now are the remaining complex requirements for their project. They just saved money for web designs and WordPress setup and other simple pages for their simple contents. Please promote these wonderful ideas to your potential customers so they know the goal of our services. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck everyone!
Here is the link for the 50 prebuilt websites and there’s more soon:


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